For the love of Ruth

Be it society or be it our nature a man is made to seem like an emotionless  being. Then again it could just be the African man or better yet the Ghanaian man. Right from childhood we are told that crying makes us look weak and we often hear the phrase “Men don’t cry”.
Although I’ve hardly seen a man cry over emotional issues, most guys I know break down into lifeless beings. They may not shed a tear but one can still feel their pain and the few who confide in me I know they are really hurting.
This article was inspired by “The 5 Types of Guys Girls Fall in Love With ” and this made me ask myself of which of these guys am I or perhaps at different  points in time for different girls I’ve played a different role.
To most of these girls I might have just been a phase or one of the numerous five and as they tell their stories to friends and family, I may be a knight in shinning amour or a  troll under a bridge. But as we all know there are two sides to every story, my side may sound a bit different.
Although I do not know the five types of girls a guy may date in his life time I do know most guys I know who are honest to themselves and to me have been hurt at some point and at some point they just did not know what to say or do to get the girl.
What makes this even worst is the fact that even “christian men” and “christian women” are all influenced by the media and our idea of a relationship is skewed by Hollywood fantasies of two people meeting for the first time and falling in love for eternity…..I often laugh when I think of this, although I must admit I’m not a relationship expert. I believe the bible which is our manual as Christians has a lot of good relationship advice.
Now let’s take the story of Ruth, in this story Naomi asked Ruth and Orpah to return to their people now Orpah did go but Ruth stayed. In the decision these two women took we see the two kinds of people in our lives those who stay and those who leave likewise in the lives of others we influence we either stay or we leave.
Please do not get me wrong often at times those who leave have very good reasons for leaving and more often than not whilst they stay they enrich our lives, for all we know Orpah might have helped in carrying their luggage or might have been good company during their travels but yet she had to go so I believe those who leave us have served their purpose and we should learn to let go of all the pain we might be feeling.
But in the end we all just want to be loved, but you can never love if;
1. You do not love yourself enough—–for my female friends do not let him take advantage of you in the name of love and for my male friends if you do love yourself you will not need reassurance by lying in the  arms of a woman who excited nothing else but your loins.
2. Love God—————There is not much emphasis I can lay on this, and I may not have enough words to explain it but what I can say is God is LOVE and if you love him, it means you love LOVE.
3. Finally in the journey of finding love we make a lot of mistakes which I think it’s OK, just don’t repeat them 🙂  and know that life itself is a treacherous journey that can only be traveled with God as a companion and when you do go looking for love pray for the love, that is pure and true that even in death this love will honor  your home.
Pray for the love of Ruth.


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