A letter to my my past love

To all the girls that I hurt,
from the depth of my heart I’m sorry.
To all the girls that hurt me; I want to say thank you.
Cos had you not messed with me the way you did, I’ll not be who I am today.
Paranoid , Cold and  Heartless , 🙂
But that said, I’m not saying what we had wasn’t special.
I’m saying what we had was perfect while it lasted.
Be it infatuation, lust, unrequited love or I dare say Love!
Know that I relish what we had, and I cherish every moment we spent .
For through the laughter, pain and tears you’ve moulded the perfect man.
Not the perfect man in your sight but the perfect man in hers.
Although she had to carry all the baggage you left with me, she also benefits from the perfect man you’ve moulded.
So to all my ex’s, could have been’s, should have been’s and to you whom I can’t classify.
I thank you.
Maybe in another life time, another dimension or a better me, things could have worked out.
But Know that I loved you once and I still love you – not  as a lover but as a friend.
I’ve found a way to move on, so please do the same.

PS: SHE! appreciates the better man you’ve moulded and she keeps telling me, “Things never make sense until that right person comes along and it all begins to make sense.
I love You! My True Love!


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