Seek God-Seek Wisdom

Do you believe in the statement, “life is a battle ?” Or are you struggling with an aspect of your life. Worst yet, are you struggling in life.  My struggle may be different from yours, your struggle is different from hers and his. But one thing is sure, we all have our battles.

Some battles are as minimal as getting a bus on time for work or as problematic as substance abuse, financial difficulty or my personal favourite loneliness or heartbreak :).

What if I told you, you’re fighting the battle in a wrong way. What if I told you the age old secret to winning all battles. Better yet, winning the war we have come to call life. This age old secret is non other than wisdom.

I’m sure you’re frowning and shouting at the top of your lungs saying all the sarcastic things that come to mind :). Well the book of proverbs 8- and yes it’s a Bible thing, speaks of hearing the call of wisdom. Wisdom in this context is described as a person willing to aid and help you.

How might I discover this wisdom you may ask, well it’s simple-spend time with the man who gives wisdom- God. Most of us walk around saying we’re Christians, yet we don’t remember the last time we went to church. Yeah I know your response, I don’t need to go to church to be a Christian.  But do you need to go to work to be called an employee of a company?

The church thing is not even as bad as the fact that we do not spend time with God.  How can you gain wisdom, if you’re not in touch with the source of wisdom? How can you know God, if you’re not in touch with God?

You want the rules to the battle of life, you want the expect strategist in your corner. Then spend time with him. I can promise you, life won’t be a walk in the park but you are guaranteed of victories in all your battles.

This may sound like religious talk. But trust me God does not want a religion, he wants a relationship with you. Religion is just man’s way of finding God. But all God is asking is- “trust me, spend time with me, get to know me and I shall give you rest.”

If you believe what you’re reading applies to your life, as in you’ve lost touch with God, say a prayer of faith, “Lord Jesus, I’m sorry for doing things on my own, I surrender my will to you, guide me and help me become the person I was supposed to be.”

If you just prayed this prayer with faith, trust me, he has taken control. The next step is spend time with God each day. It does not need to be an elaborate two hour session :). It just needs to be time you’ve set apart to study God’s word (Bible) and pray. Also find a Bible believing church and start attending and trusting. In little to no time, you shall be victorious in all your battles.





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