The Author

There once lived an author who wrote the most beautiful stories.

These stories had love, drama, action and all that you could ask for in a good story.

His stories were often soo lively, that characters would actually come to life.

These characters would often have a mind of their own. A spirit of their own and a soul of their own.

He wrote an entire universe just for them to live in.

Interestingly some of his characters would forget or doubt his existence,

because in his creation of these characters he gave them free will.

He so loved and cherished his characters that he always wanted to be with them.

And in order to do this, he wrote himself into their story.

Sadly his characters keep rejecting him and doubt his very existence.

So to solve this he wrote his way into the lives of some of his characters.

And he made other characters chronicle these encounters which he later preserved into a 66 page love letter,

he shared with his creation.

Often, his characters would hurt themselves through their actions and in-actions and always blame him for it.

Funny thing is, he constatnly seeks the attention and love of his creation. Just so he could say this.

“Let me write your story, and it would be the most beautiful story ever.”

Well this Author, I have come to know him as God and in this month of love,

take time to read the most beutiful love story ever written to you.

Read your bible. If you don’t know where or what to read. Read the book of Phillipians.

It’s just four chapters. Read it thinking God wrote you a letter, saying …..

“I love you soo much and if you would only let me write your story, it would be a beutiful one”

PS – God is not done writing your story. This is just the prologue.

Philipians 1:6, “Being confident of this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in you

will complete it, until the day of Jesus Christ.” — Amen


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