A thousand times

A thousand times I called and texted.
A thousand times you ignored my messages.
A thousand times I searched and could not reach.
A thousand times my love seemed like an obsession.

Why would you not call it an obsession.
if a guy calls you a thousand times, Is he not a borderline creep!

I have learnt that a romantic act can easily be called creepy,
if unwanted.
Don’t believe me, let me tell you a story.

I met this girl on a Monday at 6pm in-front of her class.
We spoke a short while and I swear to God we had connection,
or so I thought. I did not know her name nor did I know how to reach her.
So for a thousand times I stood at the same spot hoping to run into her.
Question? Creepy or Romantic.
Answer it all depends on how she feels about me.

I hear love is worth fighting for, but hey this is poetry.
So if for a thousand times I fought for you and for each thousand times you pushed me back. How do I ever win you?

See we often hear love is worth fighting for. But a fight involves two parties.
So even if I fight a thousand times. I’ll just be fighting myself if you don’t join me in the ring.

So for a thousand time the hundredth girl broke my heart. And for thousandth time I wrote the same poem.


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