encouragement, spiritual emphasis

My Purpose — A letter to University Students at the start of Sem.

I remember seeing Lord Kenya now Pastor Lord Kenya in my first year(2009) singing some of his greatest hits to the admiration of students during the ATL hall-week. Some of those songs were “Chick yi oy3 bu3, K-to-the-E-N-Y, etc” Fast forward a couple of years and I’m in my final year(2013) and a changed Lord Kenya sings “Jesus oy3 bu3” and again the crowd look on full of admiration.
This makes me ask, “Was he meant to use his  incredible performance skills to wow people or to woo people to the house of God?” Often a times we go through the struggles of life; striving to succeed and by grace we most often do but the question is are we succeeding for God or are  we striving for our own success. A glaring example is Lord Kenya by all means he was a success but from his own words he did not consider himself successful.
I’m sure before this semester begun we all came to Campus quite excited:
“Finally am of to the university” says the first year
“I’m no longer a fresher” says the second year
“A step closer to final year says the third year”
“One more lap says the finalist”
But have you asked yourself what does God want for me this academic year or what  are his plans concerning my life. Do not get me wrong, it’s important to strive for success and only human to be happy when you succeed  but all I’m saying is let’s strive  for success in line with the will of God.
And to the finalist, I’m sure most of you may have asked ,“After school what next?” But I believe when you know the will of God for your life; well I’m not saying life will  be easy but Life will be worth living.


My first steps

Like a feeble baby who has just learnt to walk, I woke up this morning feeling strong inside and excited about the day. And just as a baby as soon as I took a few steps I fell, flat on my face. In that instance I knew not what to do, Do I cry, I asked myself or do I call out for help.

But just as a baby I realized there was no one to call out to. No one to share my fears with, no one to share my worries with, and even if there was they don’t understand baby talk hence they will not understand me and all they will say is sorry,sorry, sorry.I need not your pity I just need a listening ear.

Then it finally hit me just like a new born baby, whose mother knows what to say to calm the baby down and exactly what to do to make him feel better, God knows exactly what to say and what to do.
Normally it is the baby that does not speak intelligently but not the mother.

I’m rather of the reservation that although I feel ashamed of myself for not being able to walk successfully I’m sure God like a mother just smiled and said, “He will get it right next time”
I know I’m feeble so I stumble and fall but I know like a mother his always there to pick me up.

A mother’s sorry are not signs of pity but signs of support. God I thank you for being there and I thank you for letting me fall so I can learn to walk.

NB// (Det. 5 vrs 16)  If I call God Father, then I must honor him at all times.