A thousand times

A thousand times I called and texted.
A thousand times you ignored my messages.
A thousand times I searched and could not reach.
A thousand times my love seemed like an obsession.

Why would you not call it an obsession.
if a guy calls you a thousand times, Is he not a borderline creep!

I have learnt that a romantic act can easily be called creepy,
if unwanted.
Don’t believe me, let me tell you a story.

I met this girl on a Monday at 6pm in-front of her class.
We spoke a short while and I swear to God we had connection,
or so I thought. I did not know her name nor did I know how to reach her.
So for a thousand times I stood at the same spot hoping to run into her.
Question? Creepy or Romantic.
Answer it all depends on how she feels about me.

I hear love is worth fighting for, but hey this is poetry.
So if for a thousand times I fought for you and for each thousand times you pushed me back. How do I ever win you?

See we often hear love is worth fighting for. But a fight involves two parties.
So even if I fight a thousand times. I’ll just be fighting myself if you don’t join me in the ring.

So for a thousand time the hundredth girl broke my heart. And for thousandth time I wrote the same poem.


A letter to my my past love

To all the girls that I hurt,
from the depth of my heart I’m sorry.
To all the girls that hurt me; I want to say thank you.
Cos had you not messed with me the way you did, I’ll not be who I am today.
Paranoid , Cold and  Heartless , 🙂
But that said, I’m not saying what we had wasn’t special.
I’m saying what we had was perfect while it lasted.
Be it infatuation, lust, unrequited love or I dare say Love!
Know that I relish what we had, and I cherish every moment we spent .
For through the laughter, pain and tears you’ve moulded the perfect man.
Not the perfect man in your sight but the perfect man in hers.
Although she had to carry all the baggage you left with me, she also benefits from the perfect man you’ve moulded.
So to all my ex’s, could have been’s, should have been’s and to you whom I can’t classify.
I thank you.
Maybe in another life time, another dimension or a better me, things could have worked out.
But Know that I loved you once and I still love you – not  as a lover but as a friend.
I’ve found a way to move on, so please do the same.

PS: SHE! appreciates the better man you’ve moulded and she keeps telling me, “Things never make sense until that right person comes along and it all begins to make sense.
I love You! My True Love!


Unrequited Love

For so many years all she could see in me was the love of her life,
and all I could see was that little girl I first saw walking down the street.
I could hold her in my arms as she sobbed and cried the night away.
She told me all her fears as tears rolled down her face.

But alas she was so innocent and cute,
Not the kind of innocence a man would like to steal.
It was the kind you would like to protect.
The kind , kind of innocence.
Not the naughty kind that you would lust after,
But the kind you would like to protect.
Not protect for you, but for her.

Oh that girl loved me soo, but to me she was no more than a child,
Was it her cute face that did it?
Or her enchanting smile?
I may never know why I cherished and loved her so.
Not the love a guy felt for a girl but the love a brother felt for a sister.

Soon this young girl blossomed into a flower,
A flower all my friends wanted to pluck,
But alas all I saw was her innocent and beautiful soul.
A soul I was not ready to darken with my indiscretion.
A soul everyone else wanted to destroy for the sheer fun of it.

Soon I became the laughing stalk amongst my friends,
How frail and weak I was,
How feminine I always will be, and how much I would never amount to nothing.
Often I asked myself, is it wrong for a man to love a girl without intimacy,
Is it wrong for a man to be pure of heart,
Is it wrong for a man to love, truly love?
Am I a fool to desire a woman who satisfies every aching moment of my life,
rather than a woman who satisfies me for just a night?

Sadly I loved her, just as I love my sister,
My cute little baby girl.
But as destiny would have it she was about to leave the country.
As she lay in my bed, she said, “I want you to ravage me.”.
I laughed harder than I ever have, “Ravage you?”, I asked, “which movie did you get that from?”
I could tell from the look in her eyes that she was hurt, not hurt because I laughed, but hurt because she could tell I did not want her.
Our last night was all about me convincing her how I cared and loved her but I could not be with her.
As she cried, stormed out my door, the last thing she said to me before storming was, “One day you will know you always wanted me, and you are just not man enough to be with me. One day you will know I’m better than all the girls you keep chasing,who keep hurting you. One day you will love me like you’ve never loved and on that day you will never find me, nor have me. That day you will weep knowing you lost me this night knowing my innocence as you put it was stolen by an Ass!”
Till this day these words haunt me.
Till this day I’ve not seen nor heard from her….


For the love of Ruth

Be it society or be it our nature a man is made to seem like an emotionless  being. Then again it could just be the African man or better yet the Ghanaian man. Right from childhood we are told that crying makes us look weak and we often hear the phrase “Men don’t cry”.
Although I’ve hardly seen a man cry over emotional issues, most guys I know break down into lifeless beings. They may not shed a tear but one can still feel their pain and the few who confide in me I know they are really hurting.
This article was inspired by “The 5 Types of Guys Girls Fall in Love With ” and this made me ask myself of which of these guys am I or perhaps at different  points in time for different girls I’ve played a different role.
To most of these girls I might have just been a phase or one of the numerous five and as they tell their stories to friends and family, I may be a knight in shinning amour or a  troll under a bridge. But as we all know there are two sides to every story, my side may sound a bit different.
Although I do not know the five types of girls a guy may date in his life time I do know most guys I know who are honest to themselves and to me have been hurt at some point and at some point they just did not know what to say or do to get the girl.
What makes this even worst is the fact that even “christian men” and “christian women” are all influenced by the media and our idea of a relationship is skewed by Hollywood fantasies of two people meeting for the first time and falling in love for eternity…..I often laugh when I think of this, although I must admit I’m not a relationship expert. I believe the bible which is our manual as Christians has a lot of good relationship advice.
Now let’s take the story of Ruth, in this story Naomi asked Ruth and Orpah to return to their people now Orpah did go but Ruth stayed. In the decision these two women took we see the two kinds of people in our lives those who stay and those who leave likewise in the lives of others we influence we either stay or we leave.
Please do not get me wrong often at times those who leave have very good reasons for leaving and more often than not whilst they stay they enrich our lives, for all we know Orpah might have helped in carrying their luggage or might have been good company during their travels but yet she had to go so I believe those who leave us have served their purpose and we should learn to let go of all the pain we might be feeling.
But in the end we all just want to be loved, but you can never love if;
1. You do not love yourself enough—–for my female friends do not let him take advantage of you in the name of love and for my male friends if you do love yourself you will not need reassurance by lying in the  arms of a woman who excited nothing else but your loins.
2. Love God—————There is not much emphasis I can lay on this, and I may not have enough words to explain it but what I can say is God is LOVE and if you love him, it means you love LOVE.
3. Finally in the journey of finding love we make a lot of mistakes which I think it’s OK, just don’t repeat them 🙂  and know that life itself is a treacherous journey that can only be traveled with God as a companion and when you do go looking for love pray for the love, that is pure and true that even in death this love will honor  your home.
Pray for the love of Ruth.


The Mystique

Her mysterious ability gives her the chance to morph into anyone,
One minute she’ s fair, the next she’s not,
In her fair state she dispenses justice,
And in her unfair state I’m willing to forgive her.
In her true nature most will consider her grotesque
But if you look beyond her looks you see loyalty,
If you look further you see a woman who is honest to you,
She morph’s her nature to suit her environment .
Who is this woman I talk of,
Who is woman I describe,
Her name is Mystique
The one woman most men desire
Cos she can become any woman you desire.
Look into her eyes one more time
and you will realize that she is
every woman you’ve ever wanted and more.