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My favorite Scenes from my favorite movies :)

The Best Wedding Scene Ever:

I love this scene from Pirates of The Caribbean – At Worlds End.  In the final battle Will Turner asks Elizabeth Swan to marry him.  I think it captures love in it’s purest form. A moment when all is lost, yet our hero chooses to spend his final moments with the woman he has always loved.

I also love it for the way the camera moved  360 degrees round the newly married couple. Anyways a beautifully choreographed scene.

Enjoy and let me know what you think

The Best Ending to a Movie Ever:

Although I do not encourage a relationship where one person hurts the other just to make themselves feel good, In this movie I’d say the pain Charles felt was well worth it.

PS: It’s a beautifully written story

Act of forgiveness

Most romantic movies have a major act of forgiveness. Often this involves a grand gesture of affection, in which one of the lead characters professes their love. This particular act was what made me watch the movie. I had never seen the movie but I came across the scene on YouTube and I figured it must be a good movie for such a great ending. And YES!! it was worth the watch.

Bitter Sweet
Sometimes the ending of a movie makes you have mixed feelings. You seem happy and yet sad at the same time. My favourite bitter sweet ending was and still is:


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